Round Two Decision

Two weeks ago... Yesterday I IM'd one of my co-workers with a question.  He's a very nice fellow who got dumped on during the last "downsizing".  That's how it works, and unfortunately, it didn't work out so well for him.  After a short conversation, I thanked him for the help and he replies: JS:  I … Continue reading Round Two Decision


Winter Days

I've decided I need to post more, even if it's just a quick post.  I don't always have things to say, but I always have things going on in my life, and lots of it is interesting, at least to me. It's been a long, dark, cold winter, but the sun came out for the … Continue reading Winter Days

My First Winter Solstice Celebration

It was the last full moon appearing on a winter solstice until the year 2094, which I don't anticipate seeing.  There was also meteor shower expected. My wife had left for her work party that had seemed unlikely for me to avoid, but after a sudden turn for the worse, I was home alone with … Continue reading My First Winter Solstice Celebration

Sometimes It’s Drudgery

They get to participate in at least two excursions per day.  You'd think they'd be dying to get outside, but often it's a struggle.  Sometimes just finding them is a challenge.  Occasionally I end up hunting for them throughout the house. Once they're both located, I need to convince them it's time to go.  I … Continue reading Sometimes It’s Drudgery

I Was A Runner too, Little Dog

Running through the parking lot I thought to myself, "I can't believe this is happening again!"  A frantic scene, some people watching and most likely wondering how some dog owners can be so irresponsible.  I am flying through the parking lot at full speed, hoping to corral, or at least wear down our newest little … Continue reading I Was A Runner too, Little Dog