The Beginning And End Of A Survival Blog

I began blogging about five years ago.  At the time, my oldest daughter was married to a man while stationed at a US Naval base in Japan.  It didn't last long.  As they split up, he was relocated to the U.S. and she was forced to move back into the barracks, where their little dog … Continue reading The Beginning And End Of A Survival Blog


Road Management in 2018

There is a long road to our house which sits on the top of a hill.  Although three-quarters of the road isn't on our property, we have an easement which  I have to plow and maintain in order to access our house.  Another problem is trying to find ways to minimize erosion that starts on … Continue reading Road Management in 2018

I Was A Runner too, Little Dog

Running through the parking lot I thought to myself, "I can't believe this is happening again!"  A frantic scene, some people watching and most likely wondering how some dog owners can be so irresponsible.  I am flying through the parking lot at full speed, hoping to corral, or at least wear down our newest little … Continue reading I Was A Runner too, Little Dog