Still Quite High On Life

I'm high a lot of the time.  Not with the aid of drugs, but on the quartet of "happy chemicals" that flow naturally in all of us: Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, and Endorphins.  My favorites are the elusive endorphins, which aren't all that easy to get, but have the best payoff by far. Last night I … Continue reading Still Quite High On Life


“The Damned Human Race”

I was discussing my trip to Arizona with a co-worker last week, attempting to explain why being a snowbird would never work for us.  His reply was that "many of the older folks in these parks aren't as spry as you are".  There, you have it.  It appears I am now "spry", a word I've … Continue reading “The Damned Human Race”

Not Quite Ready To Quit

Immediately upon the first few strides on the Tartan track, impulses come flooding in, the dominant signals emanating from the right knee joint.  There's a deep pain, but the damage inflicted today will be likely be minimal.  Ironically, as the pace increases, the strike angle at the knee joint shifts to a less-worn area, causing … Continue reading Not Quite Ready To Quit