The Projectionist

I can clearly recall being surrounded by adults who knew important things, and how much I enjoyed learning from them. One of the people who impressed me the most was my Uncle Jim, a projectionist at a local movie theater back in the 1960's.  I was about five or six years old when he took … Continue reading The Projectionist



I was walking along the sidewalk towards my elementary school in Boise, Idaho when my neighbor pal informed me, "Charlie Coe's mother lives there!"  I can actually remember asking him who Charlie Coe was.  The answer was astounding to me. Charlie was an early bass player for the 1960's band, Paul Revere and the Raiders. … Continue reading Kicks

Is Round Two Almost Over?

I'm working full-time and to be honest, it's not agreeing with me.  There is a possibility that I could quit and work part-time for a different company.  Maybe it'll pan out, maybe not.  But I'm not happy doing what I'm doing. Today I'm very stressed out.  Yesterday I wrote a resignation letter and it's sitting … Continue reading Is Round Two Almost Over?

One Man’s View of Legalized Pot

There were many local and neighborhood hearings, and my wife and I attended a few of them. We heard passionate arguments both for and against. The extremists on both sides of the issue seemed unreasonable to us. Most in attendance were against legalization and emotion was high, and I'm sure some of the attendees were … Continue reading One Man’s View of Legalized Pot