Reply To The Peter And Gertrude Klopp Family Project

Hi Peter, Although I initially followed your blog for the photography, I became interested in the letters you had published from the 1960’s between you and your future wife Gertrude (Biene).  The letters were so articulate and meaningful that I quickly became a fan of your family blog, The Peter And Gertrud Klopp Family Project. … Continue reading Reply To The Peter And Gertrude Klopp Family Project


Enjoying His Freedom

I've read many times that Shiba-Inu's cannot be unleashed, and maybe that's true for the most part.  It wasn't an easy road to allowing Champ to be un-tethered, that's for sure.  The first thing I had to do was convince him that no matter how far or fast he would run, I would catch him.  … Continue reading Enjoying His Freedom

Reflecting On A Close Call

We were sharing interesting stories at a dinner party the other night and the conversation wandered into the “close call” territory.  Admittedly, having displayed deficiencies in the common sense department as a kid and even a young man, I have no shortage of near-calamity tales to share. My recent re-connection with a childhood friend had … Continue reading Reflecting On A Close Call

I Want An Aluminum Christmas Tree For Christmas

I wrote this a year ago but it never got posted.  I thought, "I'll keep my negative Christmas crap to myself".  But it has sat in my drafts folder for almost a year.  I thought about posting after the holidays, but most people are suffering from holiday fatigue by then.  With holiday tension and conflict … Continue reading I Want An Aluminum Christmas Tree For Christmas

I Was A Runner too, Little Dog

Running through the parking lot I thought to myself, "I can't believe this is happening again!"  A frantic scene, some people watching and most likely wondering how some dog owners can be so irresponsible.  I am flying through the parking lot at full speed, hoping to corral, or at least wear down our newest little … Continue reading I Was A Runner too, Little Dog