First Real Social Interaction In Months

Sometimes I'm amazed at how little I know about this man, who is probably in his late seventies by now. After all, we've been neighbors for ten years. I've written a little about him and his property before, mostly in the context of how much I admire him for being such a hard worker at … Continue reading First Real Social Interaction In Months

Lots of Time To Learn

He seemed happy to be staying with us, never thinking he'd be expected to perform daily drills with Grandpa. He had little interest in riding a bike, that ordinary activity that has admittedly provided as much fun in my simple life as any intellectual activity. Our youngster had arrived with a shiny bike, and a … Continue reading Lots of Time To Learn

The Best Project For Right Now

There's no doubt that social distancing and stay at home orders are stressful for most people.  Mental health issues are on the rise.  Relationships are being tested. I think idleness is the real enemy here, which I took into consideration as the stay-at-home concept began to sink in.  When my wife's school closed we became … Continue reading The Best Project For Right Now

Quickly Losing Momentum On DVT Anniversary

April 22, 2020 It was a year ago that my left calf became noticeably larger than my right.  The symptoms were dismissed as "normal" by my regular physician, but at my wife's urging, I went for a second opinion at an urgent care clinic.  The doctor there persuaded me to go immediately to the hospital … Continue reading Quickly Losing Momentum On DVT Anniversary

Living With Many Unanswered Questions

I do believe studies that Facebook and other social media bring about depression, and it's easy to understand why.  This addictive obsession is not the same as normal and healthy interaction between human beings. That's why this blog has been my primary social media outlet for the last several years.  I don't need social interaction … Continue reading Living With Many Unanswered Questions