Dogs And Fences

The first cool rainy days are here and I'm just not ready.  It feels like summer just got here!  I've spent most of my time working on outdoor projects. I've really enjoyed the warm weather, and it's been nice having Roxy here with me throughout. While our other Shiba-Inu Champ is lying low in the … Continue reading Dogs And Fences


Watching It All Happen

My wife and I were at the U-Pick Farm with our grandson, a very social 3 1/2 year-old who loves to be around other kids.  He's generally considerate and easy going.  My wife and I were watching him interact with a little gang of children, all about his age. After much chasing and being chased, … Continue reading Watching It All Happen

Another Generation of Jetboat People?

My 27 year-old daughter and our 3 1/2 year-old grandson stopped by for dinner last night.  It was the perfect night out on the deck as we discussed new and relevant topics.  My daughter mentioned that I should blog about my jet boat project, which I've never mentioned since buying the boat three years ago. … Continue reading Another Generation of Jetboat People?

Did You Have To Be There?

Last night I shared a bold and possibly ridiculous-sounding statement with my 27 year-old daughter.  I told her that a certain song became a defining influence in my life.  She already knew which one. I'd recently watched a video in which award winning British broadcaster and composer Howard Goodall CBE examined The Beatles' music.  He … Continue reading Did You Have To Be There?