Do We Really Know Who We Are?

I believe that most people don't know themselves.  They either think very highly of themselves and tend to overlook all their shortcomings, or they dwell mostly on the negative aspects.  I've always felt as if know myself, and I've wondered why many people don't.  But lately I've been wondering:  Am I really the person I … Continue reading Do We Really Know Who We Are?


Squish Or Squash?

I've never heard any great arguments as to why it's bad to tell children "No". I agree that it's not helpful to say "No" if you don't really mean it.  Many different methods are used by parents who prefer not to follow through. The most common approach I've seen over the years is the old … Continue reading Squish Or Squash?

Social Anxiety (Getting Out Of My Own Head)

I have come across many blog posts on social anxiety, and lately I’ve taken the time to read a few.  I find it interesting, yet I've tended to gloss over my own insecurities, which for years I have all but ignored. Reading about other people’s discomfort has triggered memories of similar struggles in my own … Continue reading Social Anxiety (Getting Out Of My Own Head)

Following up with Dr. Google Again

Here's an update to my thoughtful readers who might be interested, and also to share my experiences with fellow bloggers who experience ocular migraines.  I'm not referring to severe or cluster headaches.  In this post I'm only referring to ocular migraine "aura", which in my case, no longer occurs with painful headaches. I've experienced migraine … Continue reading Following up with Dr. Google Again