No Vegging Out At Home

I was working outside as my neighbor plowed his fields.  My wife suddenly appeared to see if I needed help.  I was glad, because I really did need a hand.  And because it's a part of my DNA, I do occasionally get the urge to mingle with other human beings. It was nice to have … Continue reading No Vegging Out At Home

Living With Many Unanswered Questions

I do believe studies that Facebook and other social media bring about depression, and it's easy to understand why.  This addictive obsession is not the same as normal and healthy interaction between human beings. That's why this blog has been my primary social media outlet for the last several years.  I don't need social interaction … Continue reading Living With Many Unanswered Questions


It's interesting how little things can stick out in one's memory forever.  For whatever reason, I vividly remember this hand-written sign placed so conspicuously one night.  Maybe you've seen it before: Phases of a Project: Enthusiasm Disillusionment Panic Search for the Guilty Punishment of the Innocent Praise and Honors for the Non-participants I was surprised … Continue reading Phases

Short Freight-Hopping Conversation This Morning

At 3:15 AM, I'm not sure Mrs. Des was quite ready for this conversation as she prepared to vacation with her aunts in Mesa, AZ.  I was wide awake, having been designated to get her to the airport by 4:30 AM. Des:  I told Brian last night about hopping freight trains in the 1970's. Mrs. … Continue reading Short Freight-Hopping Conversation This Morning

Everything You Know Really Is Wrong

I love finding blogs where people reference The Firesign Theater.  My youthful 1970's brain was infiltrated by *The Firesign Theater for a full ten years before all neurons were able to find permanent connections.  Is it possible that being imprinted so early in life derailed my personality forever?  It could be. One of the side … Continue reading Everything You Know Really Is Wrong