Double Whammy

My very active, but relaxed life has really suffered since I went back to work.  The extra three minutes it took to reach the nordic ski lodge since my last training ride was almost depressing.  I had planned to reach the actual mountain peak this summer but now I know I'm not going to make … Continue reading Double Whammy


“Dogs Are Stoic”

I thought about Roxy all day as I worked on Friday.  The vet called me at 3:30 to inform me that x-rays showed her teeth were much worse than they thought.  They they would have to remove 23 in total, and needed my authorization to continue.  I felt horrible, but of course I told them … Continue reading “Dogs Are Stoic”

Finally Feeling The Sting

My previous exterminations were quick and painless, whereas the hapless yellow jackets had never seen it coming.  But this time it was different.  Almost immediately upon planting the shovel, the wasps began streaming into the darkness.   I thought I was well-covered, but it's amazing how quickly these little monsters can find pathways to your flesh.  … Continue reading Finally Feeling The Sting

Disconnecting From The Self

I've always enjoyed Harry Callihan's quote from the movie Magnum Force, "A man's got to know his limitations." That's a really interesting thought, and there must be some truth to it.  In some cases, lives may depend upon correctly assessing one's abilities to handle a dangerous situation.  I'm sure there are many unlucky souls who … Continue reading Disconnecting From The Self