Not Quite Ready To Quit

Immediately upon the first few strides on the Tartan track, impulses come flooding in, the dominant signals emanating from the right knee joint.  There's a deep pain, but the damage inflicted today will be likely be minimal.  Ironically, as the pace increases, the strike angle at the knee joint shifts to a less-worn area, causing … Continue reading Not Quite Ready To Quit


Sometimes It’s Drudgery

They get to participate in at least two excursions per day.  You'd think they'd be dying to get outside, but often it's a struggle.  Sometimes just finding them is a challenge.  Occasionally I end up hunting for them throughout the house. Once they're both located, I need to convince them it's time to go.  I … Continue reading Sometimes It’s Drudgery

A Personal Little Office Shrine

My Dad.  He was the executive director for the local Heart Association for many years and did his job well.  In 1970 he was awarded this plaque (complete with a very accurate thermometer), for raising more money for the Heart Fund than any previous year.  He was very involved in local programs to educate and … Continue reading A Personal Little Office Shrine

Another Tale Of Little Sister’s Rescue

I worked for a concert promotion company for two years while attending college in the 70's, which helped feed me and partly funded my substantial partying expense budget.  In the beginning I was a stage hand, but as elder classmates continued to graduate, I eventually fell into managing the local stage crew, arranging security, band … Continue reading Another Tale Of Little Sister’s Rescue

Listening To An Entire Album

My twenty-something daughter called to inform me that she recently listened to the Beatles' Abbey Road album from beginning to end.  It was a delightful conversation, and I continued thinking about it long after we hung up.  Interesting timing too, because I had recently read that: A song today only has a 48% chance of … Continue reading Listening To An Entire Album

Reply To The Peter And Gertrude Klopp Family Project

Hi Peter, Although I initially followed your blog for the photography, I became interested in the letters you had published from the 1960’s between you and your future wife Gertrude (Biene).  The letters were so articulate and meaningful that I quickly became a fan of your family blog, The Peter And Gertrud Klopp Family Project. … Continue reading Reply To The Peter And Gertrude Klopp Family Project