Random Elk Visit

I've seen elk herds in these parts before but this was kind of amazing.  They showed up on a record-breaking snow day. At first, I saw four or five out the window.  I ran and grabbed the camera and by the time I got to the back deck, there were a dozen or so. It … Continue reading Random Elk Visit


A Moment By The Fire

The grandson loves spending time with Grandpa outside.  Grandpa gives him a ride in the wheelbarrow towards the barn and they load up some more firewood. Grandpa lets him throw a little piece into the fire.  But it’s getting pretty cold out; time to take this little boy inside. It’s getting dark.  Grandpa is sitting … Continue reading A Moment By The Fire

Reflecting On A Close Call

We were sharing interesting stories at a dinner party the other night and the conversation wandered into the “close call” territory.  Admittedly, having displayed deficiencies in the common sense department as a kid and even a young man, I have no shortage of near-calamity tales to share. My recent re-connection with a childhood friend had … Continue reading Reflecting On A Close Call

Yesterday’s Adventure, Today’s Reminders

January 20th, 2017 I've only done it once in my life, back in my early 20's.  Since I live in close proximity to a popular alpine and nordic ski resort, I decided I had to give cross-country skiing another try.  These are the same trails where I ride my mountain bike in the summers.  Familiar … Continue reading Yesterday’s Adventure, Today’s Reminders